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REVIEW: So Let It Be Written by Mark Eglinton

4 Stars

When I read a book and have a solid sense of how I felt about it, I still enjoy reading others’ reviews to see where I’m in line with their views and where I feel like they fall short. In the case of the biography of Metallica’s James Hetfield, I had my own definite feelings about both the artist and the book, but differed from a lot of reviewers.

A quick glance through the one- and two-star categories on Amazon will tell a very different picture than the book provided for me. I felt like I was getting solid background information, much of it gleaned from interviews the author conducted, and a good overview of both Hetfield and the band as a whole.

I can see where other readers may have been disappointed, though. This isn’t an in-depth tell-all that contains never before seen information on Hetfield. Instead, it’s a nice, definitive source of information packaged into one volume. The early days of his musical career, his critical successes and failures, his friendships and relationships… those are the kinds of details that are touched on rather than dissected under a microscope. For die-hard fans of the band who know the musicians’ names, birth dates, childhood pets’ names, middle school talent show performances, and more, this won’t be any kind of revelation.

Still, fans of the band or their genre as a whole will enjoy this short read.

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