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An Awesome Mystery Giveaway!

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Just a quick post to announce a great multi-author giveaway: here’s the link to 22 different authors’ books, free for download during their promotion! Take a look!

InstaFreebie Lets Authors Control Their Book Giveaways

We’re always excited to see a new book promotion tool for authors and publishers, and it’s even more exciting when this tool is free and easy to use. This latest option is from Libboo, and it’s a nearly instantaneous way to send out review copies of a book without worrying about DRM, without having to foot the bill for printing/shipping, and without having to purchase copies of your book.

Even better, a new feature is in the works that will let authors TRACK the copies that get sent out and shared! Authors will be able to build up their email lists and interact with the people who claimed free copies of their books, and readers will know that they’ll be kept informed when new titles by authors they enjoyed come out.

Try it out now by claiming THIS free book…and THIS one!

Authors will enjoy the complete control over how they use their free books. For example, the first link above is only good for the first 100 copies, a number decided by the author. The second link is offering unlimited copies of the book through a pre-determined date, again, selected by the author. The author can share the link within only their support network of reader fans, OR can say to their fans, “Share the snot out of this code!” and let an unlimited number of people claim the book. DRM encryption is also optional at the author’s discretion.

It does require having an ePub file of the book in order to upload it, but once it’s uploaded, readers can select ePub, MOBI, or PDF for their own reading. Go try it out and see how the tool can serve your promotional needs.

New Tool from @InstaFreebie Lets Authors Share Their Books for Promos

Authors–and readers–can never have enough help with book discovery. Both self-published and traditionally published authors throw their books out there like the proverbial message in a bottle, hoping the waves carry them to readers everywhere. At the same time, readers are fighting to find meaningful, enjoyable books in their favorite genres, and are just waiting to connect with another great read.

Now, Libboo has launched a new tool (currently in public beta) that lets authors send out review copies of their books AND lets their audiences share the link to the free book with their own social networks. At the same time, the book can be DRM-protected or not as the author chooses, AND the author can track the book to the people who claimed freeĀ  copies, thus building a reader base.

Wanna see how it works? Sign up for a free account at and then claim THIS free book today by clicking HERE! It really is that simple.


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