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New Tool from @InstaFreebie Lets Authors Share Their Books for Promos

Authors–and readers–can never have enough help with book discovery. Both self-published and traditionally published authors throw their books out there like the proverbial message in a bottle, hoping the waves carry them to readers everywhere. At the same time, readers are fighting to find meaningful, enjoyable books in their favorite genres, and are just waiting to connect with another great read.

Now, Libboo has launched a new tool (currently in public beta) that lets authors send out review copies of their books AND lets their audiences share the link to the free book with their own social networks. At the same time, the book can be DRM-protected or not as the author chooses, AND the author can track the book to the people who claimed free  copies, thus building a reader base.

Wanna see how it works? Sign up for a free account at and then claim THIS free book today by clicking HERE! It really is that simple.


Anyone Else Tired of Gorgeous Wealthy Guys with Impressive Cocks?

BOOK REVIEW: Just One Night – Kyra Davis

Verdict: 3 Stars

This book points out many of the things that are wrong with the romance genre. First, back up and understand that the popularity of a book such as this is the supposedly real-life scenario of a woman informally engaged to a man whom she’s been dating for six years (longer than many marriages last these days) who seizes the opportunity to have a wild one night stand with an insanely gorgeous wealthy (aren’t they all, these days?) man. The story line speaks to readers whose own lives are certainly no 50 Shades, but thrusts them into Kasie’s wild-but-temporary adventure.

Unfortunately, Kasie makes just about as many stupid decisions as she possibly can, and it almost felt like an insult that the readers are expected to identify with her and cheer for her. Not only does she stay with her fiance long after he begins emotionally and verbally abusing her for her (skanky) indiscretion, but she cannot bring herself to decide what it is she wants out of life.

While billed as sizzling compliment to one very famous work of erotica starring a billionaire control freak, hasn’t that story line been done to death? Even the fans of the genre have cooled in their pursuit of inexplicably wealthy, unattached, youngish men, mostly because the genre just keeps feeding them the same story lines.

What is actually interesting about the book is its long journey to publication. It was written originally as three digital-only stories that have been woven together and made available in print, displaying the power of readers to make a bestseller out of an e-series prior to the publisher investing in paper.

Just One Night was a perfectly pleasant, although tired, read, and is available now.

Book A Day Project to Kick Off 2014!

Books are a huge part of my life. I think you knew that already because I own Author Options, I blog at, I’m a hybrid author, and because…well…I started a website called My family used to laugh, then it quickly morphed into eye-rolling, and now we’re pushing the boundaries towards open disgust at the sheer number of books that show up at my house, from authors and publishers alike.

To do something besides just the typical book reviews in 2014, I’ve decided to attempt my Book A Day project. Basically, I will post a picture of a book in various places every day this year. (Then there’s the obvious tweeting, Facebooking, sharing, etc.)

But wait, it’s already January 3rd. Aren’t you three books behind? I’m glad you asked that. It was kind of intentional, since I didn’t think too many people were racing over to their computers on the first, desperate to see if I had any books handy. (And the second always sucks because you have to go back to work that day). Here are the first three books of the 2014 Book A Day Project:


These books are How Did I Get Here? by Robert Rand, Stunner by Niki Danforth, and The Poisoned Island by Lloyd Shepherd. The first two are available now, the third comes out later this month.

So how do you get in on this?

Send me a book. Please limit it to either your own book or a book that you thoroughly enjoyed and want me to share. If you want your book back, please be sure to include a return postage mailer. Send the books to me at P O Box 429, Choccolocco, AL 36254. That’s it. That’s all you have to do.

Erotica Holiday Boxed Set Coming Next Week!

Four authors I know have gotten together for a fun little romp between the sheets…or in the driveway…or in the tool shed…whatever, and are releasing a holiday ebook to ignite a roaring fire in all of us! Check out The Naughty List on Amazon from authors Abbie St. Clair, Ariana Gael, Gemma Dufranse, and debut author McCrary Golden!

naughty in red 3

Books: The Us vs Them Divide Continues!

I love looking back and reading the articles that came out when e-reading first got huge and digital self-publishing first took off. It makes me think back to all the proclamations about the Titanic: “God himself couldn’t sink this ship!”

A little overconfident, were we?

At the time, supporters and critics were loud and proud about their own proclamations about reading:

“It will be the death of paper!”

“This will never catch on…no one will read on a tiny little screen!”

“Self-publishing will destroy the gatekeepers of the publishing industry, the Big Six will die!”

“No one is EVER going to make any money as a self-published author…who will read their CRAP?”

Luckily, we were all wrong. More than any other major shift in any other industry, I feel pretty confident that this is one of those rare times when everyone’s needs are met, when there is certainly something for everyone and room at the table for every book. Readers have made their choice, print or digital, and there seems to be a nice even split for the two. The Big Six (Big Five…Big Four-and-a-Half…whatever) are still strong but they are slowly adapting to a model that is changing right in front of their eyes. And while superstar self-published authors are only a handful, they are definitely there; while most self-pubbed authors will never retired to their beach homes to spit out new novels from their lounge chair, something even better has happened. The authors are happy. Their work is available, and no one told them it wasn’t worthy.

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