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Our New Book Sharing Project is HERE!

In the last blog post, we promised you something big was coming. Before we can go into the big new thing, here’s an update on the current thing. You know, swapping book reviews.

We’ve had a great response and an exciting level of interest in authors who are willing to swap book reviews with other authors. Several authors have already received their review copies of some of the titles on our site, and we’ve already reviewed a fun title for one of them.

But here’s the big announcement:

Readioactive Books is launching a whole new book discovery project in which we get your books “out there,” literally! Authors who are interested in participating need only sign up for information via this site or our Facebook page at this time. In this project, we will send copies of your printed book to our affiliates all across the country, branded with Readioactive Books logo and QR code. Once the affiliates receive your books, they will leave them in prominent places for others to find. When readers discover your book, they will be rewarded for Tweeting a picture of themselves with your Readioactive branded title! After reading, they’ll also be rewarded for reviewing the title, and encouraged to sign the book with their Twitter handle and leave it for the next reader to find.

Don’t worry, ebook-only authors, we haven’t forgotten you either. We’ll create a laminate book-like object with the coupon code for your book and send that out there, too.

It’s that simple, and that fun!

For more information, sign up using the form below, and get reader to put your book out there!

It’s Been A Crazy Three Days…

Readioactive Books officially launched not quite three days ago, and the response has already been tremendous. One of the hardest things about being an author–and that’s not discriminating against traditionally published, indie published, or self-published–is reaching an audience of readers with your work, and book fans have spent the last three days sharing the love for Readioactive. Thank you!

Now, here’s what we can do for you. The concept at Readioactive is to swap reviews. You have a book, I have a book, he has a book…let’s share our thoughts out there about the books! While we do have options for authors who don’t have the time to review others’ works, the purpose is the connectivity that comes from sharing a good book.

By the way, we love book reviewers and book bloggers! You don’t have to be an author to be a part of the community, and we even have special incentives for fans who review books from Readioactive but don’t have a title of their own to swap. Let us promote you and what you do for books!

However you choose to be a part of the Readioactive Books space, we appreciate you!

Welcome to Readioactive Books!

Catch up with authors and readers who are on fire for all things bookish!

Readioactive Books is a place to share great reads and brag on our writing accomplishments while helping authors and book bloggers with some much needed promotion. Have a new title coming out? Being featured on a blog? Read a great book and just need to tell everyone (or sadly, warn us away from a really bad one)? This is your chance!

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