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Book A Day Project to Kick Off 2014!

Books are a huge part of my life. I think you knew that already because I own Author Options, I blog at, I’m a hybrid author, and because…well…I started a website called My family used to laugh, then it quickly morphed into eye-rolling, and now we’re pushing the boundaries towards open disgust at the sheer number of books that show up at my house, from authors and publishers alike.

To do something besides just the typical book reviews in 2014, I’ve decided to attempt my Book A Day project. Basically, I will post a picture of a book in various places every day this year. (Then there’s the obvious tweeting, Facebooking, sharing, etc.)

But wait, it’s already January 3rd. Aren’t you three books behind? I’m glad you asked that. It was kind of intentional, since I didn’t think too many people were racing over to their computers on the first, desperate to see if I had any books handy. (And the second always sucks because you have to go back to work that day). Here are the first three books of the 2014 Book A Day Project:


These books are How Did I Get Here? by Robert Rand, Stunner by Niki Danforth, and The Poisoned Island by Lloyd Shepherd. The first two are available now, the third comes out later this month.

So how do you get in on this?

Send me a book. Please limit it to either your own book or a book that you thoroughly enjoyed and want me to share. If you want your book back, please be sure to include a return postage mailer. Send the books to me at P O Box 429, Choccolocco, AL 36254. That’s it. That’s all you have to do.

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