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REVIEW: A Plague of Mercies by Adam Pelzman

Five Stars

I cannot recall ever reading a book like this one. I’ll admit, the free verse was unusual and certainly a choice the author made, but it was so strange that it took only pages to get pulled into it and “forget” that this wasn’t a standard fiction novel.

As I read, I kept remembering some things I’ve just accepted about the COVID-19 pandemic–I remember seeing publisher, agents, and even reviewers online speaking out against the idea of pandemic-related fiction. I can see their point, that maybe it’s “too soon” for some of us. I think this book did a really good job of simply making that awful time a part of the setting without focusing on it in any way. This book isn’t about death and disease… it’s about struggling to survive and stay sane when you seemingly have only yourself for company.

While it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, I’m sure, I think it’s definitely something people should at least try. While it could certainly broaden people’s tastes in fiction writing styles, I think a lot of readers are going to find some long-awaited peace from what all of us just went through in some way.

This book will be published on Amazon on June 7th.

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