Submissions and Review Policy

Welcome to our Submissions page. Please read the review policy before filling out the contact form below.

  1. All genres are welcome but we will not review books containing gratuitous violence, rape-themed sex, child abuse, or other similar themes. Consensual erotica/explicit romance is welcomed.
  2. Books chosen for review will be posted on this site and Goodreads. Amazon reviews may or may not be posted.
  3. Print editions are preferred (because they are donated to a local library, school, or correctional facility based on genre/content) and should be mailed to Readioactive Books, PO Box 429, Choccolocco, AL, 36254. PDFs are also accepted if necessary.
  4. IF YOU WANT YOUR BOOK “RELEASED” INTO THE WILD, you will need to send print copies. At this time, there is no fee to include your books in our unique “drop off” program with social media exposure as we have plenty of QR codes to the review and instruction stickers for readers to post their own reviews and pass the book on. Feel free to send as many copies as you wish.

It’s so simple. Want a review for your book? Just let us know! Email us at info [at] authoroptions [dot] com and be sure to put “Review Request” and the title of your book in the subject line.

All books may be considered for reviews at this time, though print editions will receive priority.



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