Amazon Offers Credits towards Movie Streaming in Exchange for Slowing Down the Shipping

Just because you HAVE a good thing, doesn’t mean you have to use it. That’s the thinking behind a new option for shipping speed at Amazon’s checkout.

In what will undoubtedly unleash a firestorm of hate and scorn for the online retailer, Amazon unveiled its slower shipping option for Prime members that will still be free and will reward the user for accepting slower shipping with a $1 credit towards a movie rental that isn’t already free under the Prime membership. Members who still wish to take advantage of the free two-day shipping that makes the $99-a-year membership worthwhile are certainly able to do so, but those who don’t have to have their purchases arrive as quickly can use that credit towards a movie while they wait.

While critics are going to scoff that Amazon can’t continue to offer free expedited shipping, there’s an even bigger picture here. Just because members are entitled to their purchases through their membership doesn’t mean it’s a necessity. Consumers can feel good about knowing they’re reducing the carbon footprint by letting their packages have more time to go out with similar shipments, and can even earn a reward for making the choice.

Amazon is certainly within its rights to announce the free two-day shipping isn’t feasible, if that was the case. Instead, the company has stepped up and demonstrated once again what genuine value and customer service look like.

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