Book Review: Luck of the Dragon by Susannah Scott


Run, don’t walk, to get a copy of Susannah Scott’s adventure/fantasy/romance title Luck of the Dragon. Better yet, it’s about dragons…FLY to get your hands on a copy.

As a book reviewer, I get a lot of books. A LOT. Books show up unannounced on my doorstep (literally, when UPS drops them off) from everyone from self-published authors to Big Five publishers. It’s pretty cool, actually.

So when a book really stands out, I SHOUT about it. GO GET THIS ONE.

Lucy De Luca has worked hard to make something of her life despite her “humble” beginnings. With a father in jail, a deranged mom who drank herself from boyfriend to boyfriend, and a brother who’s so far in bed with the mob that he can see the thread count on the sheets, it’s been hard for Lucy to distance herself from all of that to become an expert in her field. Her Ph.D. in gemology not withstanding, when her twin brother needs her help to get Gino off his back, she manages to run afoul of the Vegas mob scene while gaining the attention of handsome, wealthy casino owner Alec Gerold.

Oh, and Alec’s a dragon. King of the dragons, to be exact. And if he doesn’t find a mate in the upcoming ceremony, he risks losing his dragon form altogether. Of course, if he takes his true mate–Lucy, the human–he also risks sparking a global dragon war that could cost him his throne.

Fun stuff, people.

Actually, I have to tell you that this is not my go-to genre when I want a good book to read. I can’t really say I’m a romance fan, and I’m certainly not your girl when it comes to dragon lit. But the writing pulled me in from the first page and made this book a one-sitting read. Excellent story line, tasteful explicit scenes, and a really smart, sassy, EDUCATED heroine made this one a total delight.

Luck of the Dragon is available now, and a sequel is on its way!

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