Book Review: The Damsel and the Daggerman by Delilah S. Dawson

Verdict: 4.5 Stars

Authors have been able to open up a whole new realm in publishing, and that’s the crossover. Thanks to advances in authors’ choices, we have entirely new worlds being built by authors who combine elements of different genres and mold them into exciting themes and settings.

In Dawson’s BLUD novels, the author weaves elements of fantasy, paranormal, steampunk, thriller, and of course, romance to craft her series about a chilling carnival with an enthralling and diverse cast of characters. The series, which began with Wicked After Midnight, follows the same concepts of characters but doesn’t tire readers out with the endless saga of the same characters, but rather tells a different story in each volume while tying it all together.

I do have to wonder how long Dawson can keep her readers guessing while still delivering the story lines they’ve come to expect, but for now, she’s getting the job done.

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