Here it is, Readioactive’s first-ever cover reveal! Woohoo! Well, technically, we had nothing to do with the book, but it’s the first time we’ve gotten to do a cover reveal for someone so we’re pretty excited!

Final Front Cover

Love Lost’s synopsis:
Love can come into your life in an instant, and leave just as quickly….

Jason Straiz is a New York detective working on a case to bring down a major crime lord.
He keeps his life simple. Work. Family. Friends.
Until he meets Selene.

Selene is a lawyer on a mission.
Her goal is to bring down the monster that has been terrorizing her for years.
When she meets Jason, the attraction is intense.
When Selene realizes Jason is after the same person she is, he becomes a complication.
When his case and her mission collide, will her secrets destroy a future they could have together?
Can he handle the truth about her?

Can love truly conquer all or is there a limit?

This title releases September 30th. Follow Maria DeSouza on Facebook at MariaDeSouzaAuthor.

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