New Book Reviews Posted, Book Shares on their Way!

This has been a busy week for the team at Readioactive Books!

First, new book reviews are being posted as we speak in a variety of genres and publishing approaches. My personal review is of Cora Carmack’s Losing It, a really fun look at losing one’s virginity!

Also, a crop of books left the Readioactive office today, destined for locations unkown…mwah hah hah! Okay, I lied, they went to our affiliates in San Francisco, Dallas, New York, and Tampa. But where they go next is a mystery! Each book is fitted with a QR code sticker that takes them to this site, and inside are instructions on what to do with it. Basically, book finders read and review the book, post a picture via social media, and send the book on its way by dropping it somewhere else.

While the review swap and the book sharing are kind of novel concepts (get it? novel?), we hope to do a number of things with our efforts in both of those projects. We want to raise awareness about the really great books that indie authors are producing, we want to help authors find great feedback on their writing, we want to help readers discover their next favorite author, and we want to have fun in the process! And Readioactive Books makes all of that possible for us.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your reading or writing journey.

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